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Can anyone sign up for the affiliate program?

Yes, as long as you have a valid tax ID number and a valid PayPal, you can sign up for our program.

How do you track referrals?

Referrals are tracked in 1 of 2 ways. The first is through cookies which have a 180 day life span. The other is through coupon codes.

How long do your referral cookies last?

Our referral cookies last for 6 months / 180 days.

How are your commission payments issued?

We pay all of our commissions at the beginning every month for all referrals from the end of the previous month back to the beginning of time. So for example, on the 5th of September, we'll pay out commissions for all referrals that have created accounts up to August 31st.

Are your affiliate coupon codes customizable?

Yes. You can change your coupon code to be whatever you'd like within reason. This is great for branding purposes so people can recognize your code much easier.

What kind of discount does your affiliate coupon code provide?

Our affiliate coupon codes provide a 15% discount off any new account's first month of service. When your coupon code is used, we immediately mark that new account as referred by you.

Can I post my affiliate coupon code on coupon sites like

No. This is against our affiliate program's terms of use. Your affiliate coupon code is meant to be a unique way to convert individual users. You may print them on cards, hand them out at trade shows, give them to people in person etc. You may not, however, post them on coupon websites.

Can I use my own affiliate promo code on my account?

No. You cannot become a referral of yourself.

Can pre-existing SlickText customers use my affiliate coupon code?

Pre-existing SlickText customers may only use your affiliate coupon code if they're not yet a paid customer.

Can I spam my affiliate links out to everyone and their families?

Absolutely not! Any affiliate caught spamming or using any other unethical technique for growing their referral base will be removed from the program.

Is there a cost to join the affiliate program?

Nope! There is no cost or risk to you at all! We also don't have minimum performance or any other hidden requirments.

My question is not answered here. What now?

If you have further questions, don't hesitate to email us at or call us at 800.688.6290.

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